Republicans are Ready for Battle


Harris County G-O-P Chairman Jared Woodfill

Harris County G-O-P Chairman Jared Woodfill

This November Harris County will be a key battleground, but not necessarily in the race for President.

Harris County Republicans are bracing for a strong challenge at the ballot box from local democrats.

The democrats have lost every countywide race since 1994, but this year they have their eye on the 27 judicial races. 

The Dems. also believe they can win the battle for Harris County Sheriff, District Attorney and County Judge with the help of  Senator Barack Obama’s coattails. 

Not so fast says G-O-P chairman Jared Woodfill.

He told 2 on the Beat that the party is seeing “record  numbers in terms of our donations, our joint judicial campaigns and other programs are ten times larger than in the past.”

According to Woodfill, “republicans are willing to give of their time, their talent their treasure. They’re willing to make sure that this is a successful election for the republicans of Harris County.”

The republicans are opening satellite offices around Harris county to make it easier for voters to get involved and stay excited about the election.

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