Municipal Judge Cleared by Grand Jury


Houston Municipal Judge April Walkerhas been cleared by a Harris County grand jury months after she was arrested by Harris county deputies in an incident she called racially motivated and an act of retaliation.

According to district attorney Kenneth Magidson, “after hearing from multiple witnesses and reviewing applicable law in this case, a grand jury chose not to indict April Jill Walker for the felony offense of evading arrest.  after evaluating the evidence, the grand jury declined to indict this defendant on any charge.”

Walker was arrested in June for allegedly interfering when deputies tried to question her sons. The officers said she jumped in her car and sped off when she was told to stop.

Her case received a great deal of media attention. She hired attorney Lloyd Kelley and appeared with community activist Quanell X.

They argued it was another example of minorities being mistreated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.

Walker has filed a federal lawsuit against the sheriff’s department.

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