Hurricane Ike Recovery Leader Named

Former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels has been named to lead a Hurricane Ike Recovery and Coordination Effort.

That announcement today was made by Governor Rick Perry who says that Eckels will work with Brian Newby, who will step down from  his current role as Perry’s chief of staff.

So what will the Hurricane Recovery Czars do exactly?

They will lead an effort involving residents, business leaders and local and federal officials focused on ensuring Texas communities devastated by Hurricane Ike get the resources necessary to rebuild.

Last time 2 on the Beat checked, Eckels was working with the law firm of Fulbright and Jaworski.

We’ll keep you posted on what this new effort means to you and those people who lost their homes, businesses and other property during the storm.

2 Responses

  1. I lost my home to a flood two years ago and had to rebuild it from scratch. I started a blog at with free advice on negotiating with the insurance company and rebuilding your home. I hope it can help some of the Hurricane Ike victims.

  2. Thank you harvardtoharhat- we, Hurricane Ike victims, need people like you.

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