Signs, Signs, Everywhere (Illegal) Signs

Police Officer and Rep. John Faulk

Police Officer and Rep. John Faulk

Democrats Replacing Signs
Democrats Replacing Signs
The signs on Sunday Night
The signs on Sunday Night

It’s the first day of early voting and candidates are having a tough time with their political signs.

Some have been removed, others are being studied by the The City of Houston’s Legal Department and the Department of Public Works, to determine if they violate city ordinance.

Candidates who posted their campaign signs at the West Gray Multi-Purpose Center Sunday night were surprised to find out that those signs had been removed Monday morning.

Candidates were told that some of the signs were blocking traffic, blocking access for disabled voters, blocking the fire hydrants or violating some other part of the ordinance.

Eventually, the City Legal team clarified the rules, and candidates were busy re-posting their signs.

But then there was the controversy over size.

Republican Candidate John Faulk, who is running in the 18th Congressional district against Democratic incumbent Sheila Jackson – Lee , was told his signs were TOO BIG.

After refusing to remove his campaign sign, a police officer was called out to force Faulk to comply with the ordinance.

Who knew that political signs could lead to such headaches on the first day of early voting?

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