The Race for Houston Mayor

He hasn’t officially kicked off his campaign,  but well known Houston attorney Gene Locke is already considered a likely front runner in the race for Mayor.

A Former Mayor and the Next Mayor?

A Former Mayor and the Next Mayor?

Locke is a former city attorney who served under former Mayor Bob Lanier.

Many community and business leaders are also urging Locke to run for the top spot at city hall.

By throwing his hat in the ring, Locke will join Houston City Councilman Peter Brown and City Comptroller Annise Parker, who have both made clear their intentions to run.

For those keeping score that means the list of candidates includes an African American,a White man and a White woman.

There are some rumblings in the Hispanic community that a credible Latino or Latina candidate should be on the ballot next time.

2 on the Beat has heard Former U.S. Senate Candidate Rick Noriega’s name mentioned, but what about any other potential Hispanic Mayoral candidates?

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