SD 17 Runoff: Huffman Defeats Bell

The final numbers:

Huffman: 56%

Bell: 44%

When former congressman and city councilmember  Chris Bell didn’t win on election night November 4, most political analysts said the odds were against him defeating Republican Joan Huffman in the runoff race for the State Senate District 17 seat.

Bell, a democrat,   finished in first place in the general election.

The district leans republican, so that gave Huffman, a former judge, the advantage. 

Without Senator Barack Obama on the top of the ticket, there was less incentive for democratic voters to return to the polls to decide the runoff.

Jared Woodfill, the Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party released the following statement after Huffman’s overwhelmingly victory Tuesday night:

 Joan Huffman easily vanquished perennial candidate Chris Bell in the Special Runoff Election in State Senate District 17. She led in early voting by a 2-1 margin and never looked back, crusing to win with 56% of the vote. We offer our congratulations to Joan Huffman on her well-run campaign as she protected our Republican majority in the Texas Senate.



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