The Channel 2 Inaugural Crew

When you tuned in to watch KPRC’s coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, you saw Anchor Jerome Gray reporting from near the Capitol. 

Jerome Gray

Jerome Gray

What you didn’t see were the two Channel 2 photojournalists working hard behind the scenes gathering video, editing the stories and feeding them back to Houston for the newscasts.

Byron Nichols

Byron Nichols

Byron Nichols and James Perry worked almost around the clock to get the job done.

James Perry

James Perry

On the night before the swearing-in, Jerome, Byron and James spent the night at the NBC  work site. 

They slept on a couch, the floor and in a sleeping bag, because they were reluctant  to drive to their hotel rooms in Fairfax, Virgina. 

The media had been warned that getting into Washington D.C. on the morning of the swearing-in would be difficult because of   traffic  jams and bridge closures. 

After roughing it for the night, they were up before the crack of dawn to start gathering interviews and video before and after the swearing-in ceremony.

One Response

  1. Mary,
    Having worked with both Byron and James in the past, I can believe that they would “rough it” in order to get the story. What a great crew you had to work with….and what an incredible experience it must have been. Keep up the great work—-Ronnie

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