Should Job Seekers Have to Pay to Park?

On Tuesday, Jobing.Com held a huge job fair at Reliant Park. 

More than 4 thousand people submitted resumes and interviewed with the 60 companies that had positions available.


2 on the Beat heard from laid off or otherwise unemployed  job seekers who were upset about the $8 fee they had to pay to park on the grounds of Reliant.

This is part of an email sent to KPRC Local 2:

“I just went to the Job Fair and there were a lot of great people there. Some people in urgent need of work came from as far away as Tulsa. The Job Fair is great and the companies are to be commended for participating. Unfortunately, water cost $3.75, a soda cost $4.00 and parking cost $8. An awful lot of money for  those  us out of work!   The parking was the big blow when money is tight already. Thanks Reliant.”

I checked with Jobing.Com and a representative says the parking fee is enforced by Reliant. In fact , anytime you go to Reliant, for any event, you have to pay to park.

As for the cost of water and soda that does seem excessive.  Again,  a spokesman says those concession fees are collected by Reliant, but wasn’t clear about whether Jobing.Com received a percentage.

Add the cost of parking,soda and water, to the cost of  printing your resume, gas for your vehicle and the cost of  a new suit, and searching for a job can get really expensive.

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