Identity Politics and The Campaign for Mayor

 Houston Mayoral Candidate Annise Parker has never made a secret of her sexual orientation, and it hasn’t seemed to matter to most voters.

Parker won several city wide races for council and controller, but will her personal life  become an issue in the race for the most important and powerful job at city hall?


Please join the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Victory Campaign Board members:

David Arpin, William E. Colburn,
Rob Caballero and Robert T. Vlasis III

and hosts:

Janie Lopez and Andres Pereira

for an event in support of

Annise Parker for Mayor

With special guest:
Hon. Barney Frank
U.S. Representative, MA-4



Days after her campaign released a poll that claimed Parker is the leading candidate, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund is hosting a fundraiser in Parker’s honor. 

 The star attraction is Congressman Barney Frank, an openly gay lawmaker from Massachusetts.   The Victory Fund website says it’s committed to endorsing gay, lesbian and transgender candidates.

What do you think. Is this any different than Annie’s list which endorses women candidates, or groups that work to elect African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Whites?

It’s a touchy subject. Let’s see if  anyone makes an issue of  it before November. 


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