A Compromise in the Race for Mayor?

Is there a compromise between two potential political heavyweights in the race for Mayor of Houston?

2 on the Beat has learned that on Monday morning Houston attorneys Gene Locke and Ben Hall are scheduled to hold  a joint news conference.

Gene Locke


An aide to one of the attorneys tells 2 on the Beat they will discuss issues important to the Houston Mayoral election.

As I’ve reported, both  Locke and Hall have been telling supporters that they plan to be on the ballot in November. 

Locke has designated a campaign treasurer, and Hall was expected to announce his intentions about a week ago during an event at his Montrose area law office.

A last minute call  from Locke convinced him to hold off on making any move.

A joint news conference would likely mean that one of the candidates will announce his support for the other.

That makes sense because some political observers have said that if both entered the race, they would split the African American vote, making it harder for either to get into a likely runoff.

Stay tuned – 2 on the Beat will have full details Monday morning.

So far,  City Controller Annise Parker and City Councilman Peter Brown are the only two candidates who have officially declared their candidacy.

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