The Race for Mayor of Houston: Locke In – Hall Out

In an unusual development Monday morning,  Houston  attorneys  Gene Locke and Ben Hall , both rumored to be candidates for Mayor, appeared  at a joint news conference to announce that one would run for the top job at city hall and the other would stay on the sidelines.


Who else showed up?   Congressman Al Green who says he “facilitated” a series of meetings  between the two men that ended with Hall deciding to withdraw from the race and endorse Locke for Mayor. 

The three men say they held a series of meetings over the past few weeks. The most recent took place on Sunday at at undisclosed location.

Locke and Hall say they discovered that they shared a similar vision for the city.  They believe  it would not be in the best interest of the city if they fought for the same constituency.

2 on the Beat will have more details on this story coming up on KPRC Local 2, including reaction from mayoral candidates Annise Parker and Peter Brown.

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