Is Sheila Jackson-Lee Leaving Congress?

For weeks political insiders have been buzzing about news that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee was  being vetted for a position in the State Department. 


On Wednesday the Capitol Annex reported that Jackson-Lee is leaving congress to work for former presidential candidate and now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

You can read the story here:

Several people have expressed an interest in running if the seat did become open.

I had a chance to talk to State Rep. Sylvester Turner in Austin

He told reporters that he talked to the Congresswoman Tuesday night, and she assured him that she plans to run for reelection to represent the 18th Congressional District.

Representative Turner also hinted that he  would be very interested in making a run for congress if  the seat became open.

In the meantime Rep. Turner will have his hands full continuing to work on the state’s hurricane preparation and recovery.

 He was also just elected chairman of  the Texas Black Caucus.

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