Channel 2 Has A Colorful New Ride

It was the best looking news truck parked in front of the State Capitol in Austin.


I am  not  someone who gets excited about a vehicle, but Channel 2 has an  awesome brand new satellite truck that I think is worthy of  special attention here on 2 on The Beat.

On Wednesday, engineer Jimmy Phillips drove the truck from Houston to Austin,  so that I along with photographer Tyrina G. could do a live shot about the newly released Hurricane Ike report. 

Jimmy The Satellite Engineer
Jimmy The Satellite Engineer


In between our deadlines, we spent way too much time taking pictures of the eye catching van.  It’s roomy, colorful, comfortable and equipped with all of the latest gadgets.
(In fact my only complaint is that my feet don’t touch the ground when I sit back in the passanger side bucket seat!)
Anyway, the new red, white and blue painted van is hard to miss.
So remember, when you see it rolling down the highway or the street in your neighborhood, make sure you wave, honk your horn, or give a thumbs up to the new Channel 2 Ride!

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