Was it Free Speech or Defamation?

Community Activist Quanell  X has built his reputation on speaking out about cases of alleged injustice, but  did he cross the line this time?


Several  groups today spoke out in support of  Community Activist  Quanell  X, who is being sued by three Houston police officers.

Community News Conference

Community News Conference

The officers claim Quanell ruined their reputations after he repeated allegations made by Marvin Driver, the father of NFL star Donald Driver. 

 The elder Driver claims he was beaten and drugged after he was arrested by the officers in November.

The police were cleared by an internal affairs investigation, and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office continues to investigate the case.

The community groups say this issue is bigger than Quanelll X.

They say it is  about the public’s   right to speak out against an alleged injustice.

An attorney for the officers says the lawsuit is not an attempt to silence anybody, but “it’s about demonstrating you don’t have to be subjected to lies that damage your reputation just because you are a  police officer.”

4 Responses

  1. I agree with the importance of free speech! But if the shoe were on the other foot, I’m sure Mr. X and his “support groups” would be the first ones in line waiting to sue to the Houston Police Department. Why is it that Mr. X can stomp his feet and raise his voice about HPD “injustice” yet HPD cannot defend themselves against false allegations.

    Justice for all includes the men and women of the Houston Police Department!

  2. In no way would I defend the antics of Quanell X. However. the lawsuit filed by the officers with the help of there union is an orchestrated effort to quiet Quanell’s rhetoric about the Houston Police Department. Why not sue the media
    (television news operations and newspapers) that put a camera and a mic infront of Quanell? I wounder if Quanell would be as vocal if the media was not there to report on his shenanagins.

  3. Quanell X is one of the worst racist we have. You know when he starts running his mouth things are going to get out of hand. His hatred of whites is obvious. I am glad to see the police give him some of his own medicine. We have enough problems without someone of his dangerous attitude running around causing trouble.

  4. Quanell X has built his reputation on defaming any non-black police officer. He is not an advocate for justice, he has one motive:that is to perpetuate discrimination by making every issue about race.

    I was amazed to see Mr. Driver’s interview on TV just after he was released from the hospital. He must have received a miracle while there because he had not a mark on him!

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