Is ACORN Crossing The Line on Foreclosures?

acornBeginning Thursday the community group ACORN plans to launch its “Home Staying” Campaign.

It’s designed to protect families in 7 cities that are refusing to leave their foreclosed homes. 

ACORN will peacefully stand in solidarity with those homeowners  by preventing their personal belongings from being put out on the street and the family members from being displaced.

On Thursday the group along with religious, labor and elected leaders will defend the home of   Sara Chavez of  Houston. 

Meanwhile, the group is applauding President Obama’s plan to pour $75 Million into tackling the foreclosure crisis.

The President’s proposal could protect up to 9 Million Americans on the brink of   losing their homes.


2 Responses

  1. I appreciate that it’s no fun to have your home foreclosed on, but these people promised that they would make all their payments on time, and if they did not, that the bank would own the house. Nobody should be surprised about what happened.

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