BBQ, Tents and Fancy Toilets!

I  had an opportunity to walk around Reliant Park for a few minutes on Wednesday afternoon. The teams and the tents are geared up and ready to start the World Championship BBQ Contest at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.



I saw everything from a fancy,  nicely decorated port a potty (believe it or not) to huge mouth watering steaks on the grill.


Channel 2   is a proud co-sponsor of one the teams, but don’t expect to see anchors Bill Balleza or Dominque Sachse sweating over a hot pit.

You will likely see lots of  familiar faces at the BBQ. Photographer Steve Long is in a band called “Easy Money” and it plays at the cook-off every year.

Channel 2's Steve Long on the Keyboard!

Channel 2's Steve Long on the Keyboard!

There are dozens of  teams that will prepare food and party over the next three days.

The BBQ is open to the public, but you must have an invitation to get into any of the tents, which are private.

The Across The Track Pac

The Across The Track Pac

Adult Beverages!

Adult Beverages!


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  1. As the riders prepare for the parade tomorrow, Big Red will provide live music in Memorial Park starting at 7:00pm this evening. 🙂

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