Should Texas Freeze College Tuition?

What do we want? Tuition relief.

When do we want it? NOW!

That was the rallying cry as college students from across Texas, including many from Houston,  marched around the State Capitol  last week,  demanding an end to rising tuition.


The students voiced their support for Senate Bill 105, which would freeze tuition at public universities.

According to the students and political leaders, tuition has climbed  53 percent since 2003 when the State Legislature voted to allow universities to set their own tuition.

State Senator Juan Hinojosa (D-McAllen) is the co-sponsor of  the Tuition Freeze Bill. 

While speaking at the student rally he told the crowd that  his plan will freeze tuition for two years, and then cap tuition at the rate of inflation. 

It would also require student fees to be approved by a vote on campus.

Do you support the Tuition Freeze Bill?

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