The Grocery Bag Tax

Would you pay more to use plastic grocery bags? 

I admit it: I love those plastic bags that I get from the grocery store.

I use them to carry stuff, pack my lunch, as mini-trash bags or to pick-up while walking my dogs.  Unfortunately, those bags end up in landfills  where they take years to decompose.

According to published  reports, a Texas  lawmaker says he wants the state to start charging people to use the bags.

His plan calls for taxing  plastic grocery bags to promote the use of  reusable bags and cut down on litter.

State Representative Rafael Anchia of  Dallas says that House Bill 1361 would tax plastic bags by 7 cents.  It also encourages people to think twice about using plastic bags.

Rep. Anchia says the bags often end up as trash along highways, or get stuck in trees, and lakes, making them a danger to wildlife.

If the bill passes, retailers would keep 3 percent of the tax, while local communities would pocket the rest to use for recycling programs.

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