Congressman Olson Heads Home with a Healthy Heart


Congressman Pete Olson (R-22) is back on his feet after a frightening heart scare earlier this week.

The Congressman will be dispatched from the hospital today, and then catch a flight back to the Houston area.

Contrary to some reports, the Congressman did not suffer a heart attack, the condition is known as a slow heart beat.

The 46 year old former Rice University Basketball player seems to be in great condition. His aid Luke Marchant told me he works out  daily and runs regularly.

This morning he sent an email to his the people of his district.

 Dear Friend,

Yesterday was, to say the least, a series of unexpected events for me and I wanted to provide you an update.

While working out in the House gym, I got quite dizzy and fainted. After being rushed to George Washington University Hospital, it was determined that I had a condition called bradycardia, which is medical talk for a slow heart beat. Whatever they call it, it wasn’t good and I don’t recommend it.

The docs have now equipped me with a dual chamber pacemaker to ensure my ticker doesn’t pull such a stunt again. I feel fine and was ready to get back to work yesterday afternoon, but cooler heads have instructed I rest a little more.

Nancy and I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. You have always carried us on your shoulders through challenging times and we appreciate you being there with us once again.


Pete Olson

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