Saying Goodbye to the News Boss

Every once in a while, someone joins the Channel 2 news team, and their presence leaves a lasting impression on the staff.


For the past two and a half years, that person has been our  news director Skip Valet.

Skip is leaving Channel 2 to return to WKMG, our sister station in Orlando. 

Before coming to KPRC,  Skip was the news director at the Post-Newsweek station there, but he’s returning to Orlando as the general manager.

(Think of that as the difference between managing the men’s department at the Macy’s Galleria, or managing the ENTIRE store in Orlando)

On Thursday night, the staff  gathered for the first of two going away parties for Skip.  Senior reporter Phil Archer gave the boss a true Texas  cowboy hat as a goodbye  gift.


The rest of us showed up empty handed, but offered hugs,  handshakes and  admitted feeling a little bit of   heartache to see him go.

Those attending the goodbye party included:  General Manager Larry Blackerby, Assistant News Director Rick McFarland, investigative reporters Amy Davis and Robert Arnold, reporters Alana Gomez Dong and Phil Archer, Meteorologist Jonathan Novack and Khambrel Marshall, and a host of other managers, producers, photographers and Skip’s assistant Elizabeth.

Channel 2 employees are really proud of our boss for getting this big promotion, but he will be missed.


3 Responses

  1. That is really nice… I’m sure he’ll appreciate it that you held him in such high regard.

  2. Thanks for posting, Mary! Skip will be missed outside the newsroom as well.

  3. As a viewer, I never met Skip (love his tie in the pics, by the way), but did receive a prompt and incredibly nice e-mail back to my farewell letter before leaving the state. It was obvious that the man took his job seriously and understood the importance of a response to a member of his Houston audience.

    Mary – I love the pics you include on your blog! It’s great to see you and your fellow employees in settings other than the station. I’ve always been a big fan of your work and utmost professionalism.

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