Sharing Your Faith With Friends and Family

On Thursday night I was fortunate to attend an annual Seder Dinner hosted by Senior U.S. Federal Judge David Hittner, his son attorney  George Hittner  and George’s mother, Helen Mintz Hittner.  It was one of those nights that reminded us that despite our differences, there is so much we can learn from each other.

Judge David Hittner, Mary Benton, George J. Hittner

Judge David Hittner, Mary Benton, George J. Hittner

It was the family’s “9th Annual – 2nd Night of Passover Seder”, and it  was  an inspiring and educational  evening, that drew more than 200 people from across Houston and around the country. 


Most of them Jewish, but many  were Christians like me.

And for those of the Jewish faith, the Seder, is the most important event in the Passover celebration.

Throughout  the evening we  ate from a special plate containing five foods (including bitter herbs and a hard boiled egg) to remind people of the Israelites  struggle in the journey to freedom.

We  drank  wine ( 4 glasses to represent the four stages of the  Exodus)

And,  took turns reading from a booklet known as the Haggadah, which tells the story of   Passover, and the Jews continuing search for liberation.

Reading The Haggadah
Reading The Haggadah


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