Houston FireFighters Wear Pink to Honor Victim


Off duty and retired firefighters are honoring the memory of Leigh Boone.


Boone was the 29 year old bicyclist who was crushed when a department ladder truck and pumper engine were  rushing  to the scene of what they believed was an emergency call.

Boone’s funeral was held Monday  afternoon at St. Martins Episcopal Church.  It was a service filled with both humor and heartache.

The firefighters are here on their own time to escort her casket and to form an honor wall around the casket.

They are also wearing pink ribbons over their badges in honor of Leigh. 

Friends say that Leigh loved the movie “Pretty in Pink” and that her favorite color was pink.

 After the service, a fire department bagpiper played as Leigh’s casket was carried out of the church one final  time. 

Meanwhile, I spoke with Houston attorney Jim Perdue who told me he as been retained by the Boone family. 

Purdue says no decision has been made about filing a lawsuit, he is simply helping the family stay on top of the crash investigations  being conducted by both the Harris County District Attorney’s office and the Houston Fire Department.

3 Responses

  1. Warren Ducote is a neighbor in our neighborhood, here in Willis. Everyone on West Shore Drive, can’t stand to be near him. He’s an obnoxious drunk who thinks he’s above the law. Just last week he was bragging how nothing is going to happen to him, that the HFD was going to take care of it. He said it was just one less Ellen to have to deal with anymore. Everyone I know despises him, and just wishes he was put in his place, and has to come to grips with what he has done in killing this poor girl. Warren Ducote is a real douche bag in my eyes, period.

    • I work for the Houston Fire Department and live in the Twin Shore Subdivision with Warren. I have known Warren for over 20 years and I can assure you that the above statement is nothing more that a malicious and spiteful lie. Warren is very well liked in this neighborhood and as a mater of fact has been elected and has served for over ten years on the Property Owners Association with three of those years as the President of the POA. Warren is one of the nicest and kindest people that I know. He will help anyone at anytime. The statement about Warren making unkind remarks about the young lady killed in the accident is absolutely false. I have spoken with Warren many times about the accident and the only thing he has ever said about the victim was that when he met with the family, he found them to be very gracious and kind.

      Warren has been blame in the media for the accident before the investigation ever began. Since then there have been a few revelations concerning the collision between Ladder 16 and Engine 7

      #1 – Engine 7 did change the Opticom system turning Ladder 16’s light from green to red. The investigating police officer confirmed the Opticom did time stamp.
      #2 – The lady in the white car that stated the ladder truck had a red light had changed her story after she hired a lawyer. Both crew members on Ambulance 33 have both confirmed that this same lady on the day of the accident said that the ladder truck had a green light.
      #3 – The Office of Emergency Communications after downloading the GPS tracing information found that the Ladder 16 was traveling at 18 mph at the time of the collision.
      #4 – The Office of Emergency Communications after downloading the GPS tracing information found that Engine 7 was traveling at 52 mph before the time of the collision and that the speedometer on the Engine froze at 46mph at the time of impact.

      To the individual that posted the above comment: You have serious issues and you really should seek out professional psychiatric help!

  2. I was a close friend of Leigh Boone.
    The above statement by RMJ seriously upset me.
    The truth of the matter is,
    Leigh is gone.
    It wasn’t her fault.
    Placing blame on others does not make me feel better.

    I would hope the webmaster would remove this comment.

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