Should the City Enforce Immigration Policy?

Calling themselves “Pastores en Accion” a group of  flag waving and sign carrying local pastors and their followers gathered at City Hall Tuesday afternoon.


 They came to  pray for Mayor Bill White so that he would have “a change of   heart about  his plans to increase the immigration enforcement authority of the Houston Police Department.”


They are upset that the Mayor has applied for what is called a 287 (g) grant through the Department of Homeland Security.

If approved, the city would use the funds to train about 20 – 25 personnel at the two Houston city jails,  on how to ask criminals about their immigration status.

The Pastors say this type of program has failed in other cities, and more importantly, they believe it will tear apart families and make immigrants more distrustful of the police.

Mayor White says that the policy, which would be consistent with the policy of   the Harris County Jails, would only target so called, “deportable  felons.”

The Mayor says he sought the change after illegal immigrants with extensive criminal backgrounds were involved in the shootings of two Houston police officers.

One Response

  1. What’s this mess about “Immigration raids destroy families?!?!”

    Nobody should complain that they put their family at risk by ILLEGALLY coming to this country, and then getting caught!!!! It’s the criminals’ fault – that’s what an illegal alien is – for coming here illegally in the first place! Don’t blame the police for enforcing the law!

    Do you complain because a police office arrests a bank robber for breaking the law, and destroying a family? How about a rapist? How about a white collar criminal?

    If you break the law, you should be prepared for the consequences – don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Don’t go blaming the police when it’s the illegal aliens’ fault, 100%! If they wanted to keep their family together, they should have stayed where they came from, or immigrated LEGALLY!!!

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