Blessing The Animals

2 on the Beat was finishing a 3-mile walk Saturday morning when I spotted a sign promoting the “Blessing of the Pets”  at  Bethany United  Methodist Church near Braeswood.

pet blessing 001pet blessing

When I arrived, there were  dozens of people with their canine companions spread out on the front lawn of the church. (I didn’t  see any feline friends in the crowd)

The church  lawn resembled a dog park: with water bowls, trash cans for pet waste and information on adopting animals from local groups and shelters.

There were big dogs, and small dogs. Mutts and purebreds.

After a short pet parade along the sidewalk, people lined up to have their pets blessed by Senior Pastor Dan Jones.

Pastor Jones asked  the owners for their animals name, age and whether it had any special conditions. 

He then said a special prayer for each one.

The animals and owners were  given a medallion with the likeness of  St. Francis Assisi medallion,the patron saint of animals.

It was my first time seeing the blessing of the animals – maybe next year I will take my dogs, who at the time, were at home sleeping in the air conditioning!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Mary! We do hope that you come by again soon. The Blessing of the Pets is one of my favorite events at our church as it is always fun to see everyone’s “children” who do not typically attend worship.

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