Mayoral Candidates Staying Busy

It’s tough being a candidate for mayor  of  Houston this time of year. 

 The  voters are not paying much attention and the media isn’t ready to commit to covering your campaign.

That hasn’t stopped the people  who want to  be your next mayor from keeping a busy schedule on the campaign trail. 

Brown Opens Headquarters: 

On Saturday, City Councilman Peter Brown held a block party to officially open his campaign headquarters.

 About 200 people showed up to hear Brown talk about  his plans for Houston’s future. 

 I couldn’t make it, but his campaign sent me these photos of  Brown posing with his supporters, which include Rev. Bill Lawson and community  activist  Mary Ramos.


A Birthday Party filled with Politics

City Controller Annise Parker celebrated her 53rd birthday Sunday by hosting a political fundraiser  at her home near downtown. 

annise parker 004annise parker 002

Her media aide told me that the campaign has set a goal to raise $1 million dollars by June.  That’s  when all  of  the mayoral  candidates are required to file their first  campaign finance reports, and we’ll finally get a peek at  how much money the candidates are raising and who is contributing to each of the campaigns.

 annise parker 001annise parker 006

The election is in November.

Most political analysts  say it will take a runoff  between the top two vote getters  to pick Houston’s next mayor.

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