The City of LaMarque Responds

You can read the statement released by the City of  LaMarque  regarding the in-custody death of  27 year old Jamaal Valentine after he was tasered   by police.


2 on the Beat stopped by the LaMarque Police Department and  had a chance to speak very briefly to Chief  Prince.

He wouldn’t comment, and referred all inquiries to the Galveston County District  Attorney’s Office.

No one from the D.A.’s office returned my repeated phone calls.

One Response

  1. Jamaal Valentine is the 19th person killed this calendar year by police in taser-related situations. I think that we need congressional hearings on this increased use of taser torture.

    In this case … three police officers came to the scene. Did they truly need lethal force to subdue this man?

    peace, Villager

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