Rush Limbaugh Visits Houston

Several days ago, 2 on the Beat reported that conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was coming to Houston Thursday night to raise money for U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul.

I was on a different assignment and could not get by the event, but political consultant/fundraiser Meredith Maxfield Iler  did send me  pictures to post on the blog and her personal account of the evening. (by the way Meredith is active in a fantastic group:

For the sake of fairness, I am also posting a response sent to me earlier in the day by the Texas Democratic party.

(in other words what you are about to read is not this news reporter’s point of view)

rush limbaughrush limbaugh 2

From Meredith:

Rush Limbaugh came to Houston to attend a fundraiser for Republican Congressman Michael McCaul.  Congressman McCaul represents Northwest Harris County clear to Austin and has a very tough district.  He has been a proactive Congressman during his first 2 terms and will be running against a liberal Democrat who used to be a Wall Street banker from New York who recently moved from New York to Austin…just a footnote…the opponent owes $1.6 million from his company in back taxes.About 200 people joined together for this once in a lifetime event.  Event chairs were Jim Dannenbaum and Joanne King Herring.  Congressman Louie Gohmert from Tyler, Senator David Vitter from Louisiana, and Governor Rick Perry also attended to show their support for Congressman McCaul.  Governor Rick Perry also made Rush an “Honorary Texan”.


From Kirsten Gray/Texas Democratic Party Communications Director:

This event illustrates everything that’s wrong with Rep. McCaul and Republicans in Congress. Like Rush Limbaugh, they’d rather shout and scream and point fingers than work for commonsense solutions to the problems facing Texas families.  We need results, not talk show rhetoric. –

2 Responses

  1. Strange…..I didn’t not see Kirsten Gray at the party. Hope you are as clairvoyant when our children and grandchildren are paying for all this bail out nonsense. It is so hard to believe it is working when our unemployment is at a 25 year high.

  2. “For the sake of fairness, I am also posting a response sent to me earlier in the day by the Texas Democratic party.”

    Why? Rush Limbaugh is not in elected office, NOR is he the head of the Republican Party. He’s a radio talk show host. He has every right to attend any function he wants to without an official response from the Democratic Party. Why you felt the need to include that seems to advocate that he is a spokesperson for the Republican Party.

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