Sandcastle Competition

galveston 007galveston 004

Forget the sandcastles you built on the beach when you were a kid.

The teams that competed in Saturday’s annual sandcastle competition on Galveston Island, designed and constructed some really creative “sand art.”

(you can read the Galveston Daily News Story here:

galveston 009galveston 011

The design themes  ranged from the humorous to the political.   Several teams focused on the economy: bailouts and failing banks, and others  poked fun at the “octomom.”

At least one focused on Hurricane Ike and another commemorated D-Day.

galveston 014galveston 015

galveston 025galveston 035

 galveston 033galveston 028

galveston 005galveston 023

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  1. Once again – beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

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