Money and the Race For Mayor – June 30th is Approaching!

The people who want to represent you in the top job at Houston City Hall are in the final stretch to raise money by June 30, 2009.

The first campaign finance reports are due on July 15, and that’s when we should get a better indication of  who is and isn’t raising the kind of serious cash they would need to run a viable campaign, possibly through a runoff election.

On Monday three of the people who have filed to run for mayor,  attorney Gene Locke and city controller Annise Parker, and City Councilman Peter Brown launched  new initiatives to raise money from different sources.

 gene locke 006annise parker 004

Parker’s Plan is called the “I Can Make a Difference Campaign.”   (you can read  more about it here:

Parker is taking a page from the Barack Obama campaign handbook  for President, by asking Houstonians to contribute $5 or more to her  bid for Mayor.annise parker 007   is the leading force behind the Parker fund raising effort,  although Parker has certainly held more traditional fundraisers, including a birthday party at her home last month that doubled as a campaign event. 

Ladies for Locke:

planned parenthood 002gene locke 010gene locke 008

Also on Monday , Mayoral candidate Gene Locke unveiled a new team of  financial contributors.

Calling themselves “Ladies for Locke”  the diverse committee   held its first event at the Ensemble Theatre on Main Street near downtown.

gene locke 011gene locke 007

Nearly 200 women each paid a  minimum of  $100  to join the  group and work to get Locke elected Mayor of Houston.

The chairs of the event were Diana Davila,  Diedra Fontaine,  Ellie Francisco and Georgia Provost.   Rhonda Arnold, Tissy Hardin and Gene Locke’s mother also attended the event.

Build a Better Houston: One Brick At A Time

planned parenthood 022planned parenthood 010

In an email to supporters Houston City Councilman Peter Brown is reminding them that the June 30 deadline for campaign contributions is fast approaching.

Brown is asking people to donate to build a better Houston, one brick at a time.

You can contribute , or learn more about Brown’s campaign for mayor of Houston by clicking this link:

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