Locke Responds To Allegations of Fire Dept. Racism

KPRC Local 2 has been reporting on the allegations made by two female firefighters working out of  HFD station #54. 

The women claim  they have been the target of   racial and sexual  harassment.

Houston mayoral candidate Gene Locke has issued a statement calling for a full investigation:

Statement by Gene Locke
Regarding Recent Events at the Houston Fire Department
July 9, 2009

“I am shocked and outraged by the recent sexist and racist individual acts involving two female firefighters. I strongly support the men and women of the Houston Fire Department and the recent events are in no way a reflection on these great public servants who risk their lives for us every day. However, these cowardly acts by a few reckless individuals are deplorable and cannot be tolerated. I encourage the chief and the mayor to continue their investigation until the perpetrators are found. These individuals should be punished to the fullest extent of fire department policy and if applicable, to the fullest extent of the law.

Going forward we need to make sure that the fire department and every other department in the city is a place of opportunity and promotion for women, minorities and all deserving employees.”


One Response

  1. Ok, i feel the sexist and the racist acts are wrong and unecessary! But a new topic has arose, HAZING! NO NOT HAZING, merely practical jokes, that for years and years have been going on through out Vol. and Paid Fire Departments. A rookie merely a fireman fresh out of the academy, or just new to that department. OMG people get a life stop ruining the only fun a Fire and EMS personel can have stop trying to ruin the TRADITION! leave it be go on with your nosey little lives. Seriously now a spoon full of CINNAMON not dangerous, wow WATER a firefighter gets wet on nearly every fire call! The job is a danger all in it self. Its all a way to relax, its a way to cope, its an initiation into a BROTHERHOOD! Its a bond of trust and livelyhood. SO GET OFF THERE CASE!!! BE REAL!

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