Money Raised In the Race For Houston Mayor

The money has been collected and the campaign reports have been filed.

We are finally getting a look at the amount of money raised by  the top  contenders in the race for Mayor of Houston.

I will post the link to the on-line reports later, but in the meantime Let’s start with the biggest surprise: 

Houston Attorney Gene Locke raises over $1.5 Million.  The first time candidate says that in an “energetic show of  growing support, $383 Thousand was raised in the last 30 days.”

There isn’t a reporter in this town who covers city politics who hasn’t heard the rumour (mainly floated by the competition) that Locke was having trouble raising money and would soon drop out of the race.

City of Houston Controller Annise Parker also made a very strong showing:

According to her campaign, Parker raised more than $800,000 from 2,254 donors. Parker says, “We’re building a grassroots campaign like Houston has never seen before.”

We are still waiting to see the campaign finance reports filed by  mayoral candidate and city councilman Peter Brown and Roy Morales.

The amount of money raised by the candidates gives you a good idea of who can stay competitive in a race, afford to advertise on TV, and remain a viable candidate through election, and a very likely runoff  race. 


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