Respect and The Houston Fire Department

You’ve heard about some of the allegations of racism and sexism in the Houston Fire Department,.

Organizers of  a  “Respect Rally”  say that on Wednesday,  you will have a chance to voice your concerns and support  all the honest hardworking firefighters.

Council Member Wanda Adams is sponsoring the rally on the steps of  City Hall.

WHO: Fellow Houstonians, Religious Leaders and Community Leaders            
WHAT: Respect Rally
WHEN: 12:05 PM, July 22nd 2009       
WHERE: Steps of City Hall, facing the reflection pool   
Houston, Texas – July 16th – This assembly brings special acknowledgment to the recent struggles of City of Houston Fire Fighters Paula Keys and Jane Draycott, who have suffered from incidents of racial discrimination andharassment. Wear the color of courage – RED! Ordained ministers will lead the prayer service. Off for the summer? Bring your daughters with you for this day of unity and solidarity. Let us take it to the water as we renew our courage as women of purpose. This event will last only 30 minutes and in the event of rain the event will be moved indoors. Feel free to bring small umbrellas for shade from the sun for this brief event
Please join us in this extremely important event. The District D Office continues on a quest to serve its    constituent and be involved in circumstances that greatly affect those within the district and residents of the greater Houston community.  We are all responsible for a discriminatory free Houston. Each of us has a role to play in an equal and bias free community thus continuing to solidify Houston as a diverse place for flourishing opportunities.   
For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact:
The Office of Council Member Wanda Adams

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  1. see you there!

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