A Double Endorsement From The Sheriff’s Deputy League

I can only blame myself, and then apologize to you for not making a phone call  to clarify and verify information that I received  from one of the candidates for Mayor of  Houston.

As I reported  earlier, Houston Mayoral Candidate Annise Parker’s campaign announced today that it has won the endorsement of  the Afro-American Sheriff’s Deputy League.

A short time later, I heard from supporters of  Gene Locke,  who claimed their candidate was endorsed by the same group.

The Locke campaign emailed a copy of a letter  as proof of the endorsement from the Afro-American Sheriff’s Deputy League.

It looks like the group has issued a DOUBLE Endorsement.

2 on the Beat is trying to contact  deputy league President J.M. “Smokie” Phillips Jr. for comment.

In the meantime,  I hope that  I don’t get a phone call from supporters of   mayoral candidates Peter Brown and Roy Morales.

One Response

  1. Looks like Smokie Phillips is using the league trying to jockey for Chief Hurtt’s job. That’s politics.

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