Annise Parker Campaign and Social Media

It’s impossible to run for political office these days without having some kind of   online social media presence,  like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Today, Houston Mayoral Candidate Annise Parker announced plans to beef  up her online and social media strategies.


The changes are putting Parker’s campaign on the social media map, and could help her reach more voters leading up to the November election.

The changes include:

* Live-Streaming social media feeds using the latest technology from Facebook and Twitter, which will be featured on the campaign website.

* Custom FBML Facebook Tabs, which will help users join the campaign’s email list and make a contribution all from within the Parker Facebook page.

* Joint Twitter Broadcasting: Parker’s campaign claims to have more Twitter followers than all of the Mayoral candidates combined.  Under the changes, all tweets coming directly from Annise will end with an “-A” signature to make clear who is responsible for the tweet.

*Social Media Coordinator:  Justin Concepcion will manage and expand the campaign’s social media presence on a full-time basis.

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