Senator Hutchison Makes It Official!

Saying “Texas deserves better, and needs term limits for Governors”  U. S . Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she  will challenge Governor Rick Perry in the 2010 March GOP primary.


KBH kicked-off her campaign in her hometown of La Marque, Galveston County where she graduated high school.

Later in the morning it was on to a rally in Bellaire, and she will travel to nineteen cities around the state over the next five days. 

Some political heavyweights showed their support for the U.S. Senator including: former Bush spokesperson Karen Hughes, Former Secretary of  State Rod Paige, Former Mayor of  Sugarland David Wallace, Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey who now heads FreedomWorks, former Ambassador to Qatar Chase Untermeyer, and  a host of  other Republican VIPs.



But it wasn’t all a Kay Love-fest. The Rick Perry campaign rolled out the “Kay Bailout Clock” to draw attention to the fact that the Senator voted for the bailout pkg in Washington. Her campaign people point out that KBH voted for the bailout under then President George W. Bush, and not the  bailouts passed the President Obama administration.


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