Meet The Democratic Candidate For Governor

On the  same day that U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison officially kicked off her campaign for  Governor,  State Representative Senfronia Thompson hosted a meet and greet reception for Forth Worth  businessman and Democratic candidate for  Governor Tom Schieffer.

The event was held on Monday night at  4212 Almeda,  and was attended by several dozen people who want to get to know more about Schieffer and his proposed policies and agenda.


Recent press reports have noted that many loyal democrats, especially the grassroots members of the party, are skeptical of Schieffer because of his close ties to former President George W. Bush.

The two were business partners with the Texas Rangers Baseball team, and Mr. Bush appointed Schieffer  to serve as Ambassador of  Australia and Japan.



Rep. Thompson introduced Schieffer to the group by saying that the two, who are good friends ,  had served together in the Texas House of Representatives more than three decades ago.

Earlier in the day 2 on the Beathad a chance to sit down for a  brief interview with Mr. Schieffer. (you can learn more about him at

He told me that he has voted in every democratic party primary since he became eligible to vote.

He also said that he doesn’t think partisanship is serving the country or the state very well, and that if  Texas continues on the current path, “we are going to be a third world country.”

Finally, I asked him if  Mr. Bush would campaign for him during the election. He shook his head and said no. While he and the former President remain friends, Schieffer says “Bush is on the other  side.”

So far, no other democrat has announced plans to jump in the race for the party’s March 2010 primary.

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