Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


State Representative Ellen Cohen (D-Houston) joined other lawmakers in Austin this week to witness Governor Rick Perry sign SB 482 which establishes the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.

(The following is taken from a news release sent by Rep. Cohen’s office)

The legislation, authored by Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) and Senator Florence Shapiro and sponsored in the House by Rep. Warren Chisum and Rep. Ellen Cohen, sought to ensure broader and deeper understanding regarding the Holocaust and other genocides of the 20th century.  The Commission’s 18 members will be required to meet quarterly and provide advice and assistance to the public and various public and private primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education on the implementation of courses and programs.

Speaking to the small gathering in Austin, which included Holocaust survivor, Holocaust Museum Board member and Houston area resident Chaja Verveer, Rep. Cohen offered the folowing statement:

“‘Never forget and never again.’ These words are uttered and passed from one generation of Jews to another after the horrors of the Holocaust where 6 million Jews and others were murdered and maimed. ‘Never again.’ And yet it happened again in Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda and in places we are only now beginning to hear about.

“And to paraphrase Edmund Burke, ‘the only way for evil to win is for good people to do nothing.’

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