Locke Sponsoring Campaign Camp


As Labor Day approaches and the voting public begins to pay more attention to the candidates, the Gene Locke for Mayor campaign hopes to organize volunteers in a style similar to President Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the White House.

On Saturday, Locke supporters are holding “Campaign Camp” lead by Temo Figueroa, the National Field Director for the Obama Campaign.

The camp is being held on Saturday, August 29, from 11:30 – 1:30 at Locke’s headquarters downtown.

The campaign hopes to train volunteers to organize voters who can help Locke win in November.

Unlike the other major candidates  for mayor,  Peter Brown and Annise Parker, Locke has never been on a citywide ballot, and he doesn’t already have a reliable history of  people voting or volunteering for him.

Volunteers won’t be  required to drop and give Locke 20, or run 3 miles, but Campaign Camp is designed to prepare them for the rigors of  knocking on doors, making telephone calls, and maintaining  the hectic pace needed to win an election.

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