Annise Parker Makes It Official – She’s Running For Mayor

A diverse crowd  of  about  100  people rallied on the steps of  Houston city hall Thursday to support Annise Parker after she wrote a check for $1250 and officially filed to run for  Mayor of  Houston.

During a brief speech that was interrupted several times by applause, Parker emphasized her experience as city controller and a member of Houston city council.

Parker told the crowd that she is the best candidate to lead the city, especially during the time of  economic uncertainty. 


The I Can Make A Difference Rally featured members of  some of the unions and civic clubs that have endorsed Parker for mayor.

As the filing deadline approaches, Parker’s campaign decided to turn the usually routine filing event into a  day  that could be shared with her volunteers and supporters.

(and get some free media coverage – all candidates love that!)

These are the kind of mini-momentum building moments we can expect to see more of as the campaign begins to heat up after labor day.


If  elected, Parker would make history by becoming the first openly gay mayor in the city of Houston.  

As a result,  the election is being closely watched by local and national organizations that support gay and lesbian candidates for political office.


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