Still No Answers In Fire Dept. Investigation

Houston Firefighter Jane Draycott and her attorney Joe Ahmad made a brief  appearance at city hall on Tuesday afternoon.

They attended a news conference organized by the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice.  Members of  the group called on city leaders and  investigators to end what they described as  “harassment and intimidation” against Draycott.

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While Draycott did not speak to reporters, Ahmad said he was relieved that the Harris County District Attorney’s office has decided to withdraw an order  that would have allowed police to arrest and detain Draycott until she provided a handwriting sample. 

Draycott provided the handwriting sample four weeks ago, but according to Ahmad the order was still valid, which meant that law enforcement officials could arrest her at any time.

Ahmad filed a Writ of Mandamus with the 14th Court of Appeals arguing that the order was obtained in secret and without jurisdiction.

The DA’s Office isn’t commenting about the decision to withdraw the order.

On July 7, Draycott and fellow firefighter Paul Keyes  reported that they found racist and sexist graffiti on their lockers at fire station 54.

During the city council meeting that followed the news conference, Council member Jolanda Jones, who has  never wavered in her support of  Draycott,  said, “I just don’t understand how we can  continue to victimize victims and pick on women.”

The City’s Office of  Inspector General is conducting an investigation, and some have called on the U.S. Department of  Justice to launch an independent probe.

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