Fake Endorsements Blasted By Real Candidates

Houston Mayoral Candidate Gene Locke has rebuked an endorsement from a group calling itself  “Christians for Better Government.”

Over the weekend, the group sent out an email calling Locke a proven leader, while blasting his opponent Annise Parker because she is gay.

(This is a portion of the email below)

Christians For Better Government
Voters Guide: City Of Houston 2009 Elections

FamilyChristians for Better Government is releasing its voter guide to its 20,000 member list in the Houston area. In this election our city is faced with a major deficit and how best to turn our city around financially. That is why Christians for Better Government has decided to endorse Gene Locke for Mayor. Gene is the proven leader this city needs “for such a time as this”.  He is a family man and a person that knows how to get things done. He has always been on the forefront on issues that affect the community. Gene understands the community and its needs; the others only talk about understanding.

Here is why Peter Brown and Annise Parker are not the best choice for Mayor. Peter Brown puts out false claims that he is a champion for issues affecting the community. Annise Parkers lifestyle that of being a HOMOSEXUAL is not the proper role model to lead the fourth largest city in the United States. The Bible speaks clearly against the lifestyle she represents, James 1:8 says, “A double minded man is confused in all his ways”. She does not believe in what the scripture says about her lifestyle which in return means she doesn’t believe in God.

The second most important position is that of City Controller and Christians for Better Government endorse M.J Khan. He is someone who will work well with Gene Locke. In order for Gene Locke to be successful, he needs a strong council. That is why Christians for Better Government has endorsed these individuals for the various council positions:


It appears that this email is a fake endorsement, generated by someone who took a the name of  a legitimate  group to spew their hate and stir up trouble in the mayoral election.   In a statement sent to 2 On The Beat, Locke said, “I vehemently reject this so-called “endorsement” from a group calling itself  Christians for Better Government.”  Furthermore, as a church-going Christian, I reject any association with this bogus and divisive style of campaigning.”

There is a real Houston group called Christians for Better Government that is headed by Rev. Willie Wright.  I spoke with him early Monday and he said that he had nothing to do with the email.  He said that someone has taken his group’s  name to promote an agenda and attack a candidate.


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