Parker Releases Campaign’s First TV Political Ad

Houston Mayoral Candidate Annise Parker is jumping into the TV political ad war.

Her campaign’s  new ad titled “Annise Parker Delivers” focuses on the crime problem in Houston, and discusses Parker’s record and vision for the city.

The ad begins running today, and it also  touts Parker winning the endorsement of  the Houston Police Patrolmen’s Union. 

Most political analysts  say that Parker already has the highest name  identification among all of the major mayoral candidates, so going up on TV  a few weeks before the start of  early voting can only help boost her name and ideas. 

Council member/Mayoral Candidate  Peter Brown was the first to begin advertising on TV.

Brown now has two campaign commercials and he is also running radio ads.

That  means that attorney Gene Locke is the only major mayoral candidate who is not up on TV, spreading his message to viewers and voters.

I spoke with a Locke campaign aide, who would only say that the campaign plans to launch its first  TV ad “very soon.”

No word on when or if  Mayoral Candidate Roy Morales will launch a TV political campaign.

Stay tuned!

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