The Language Of Political Campaigns

If you want to be Mayor of  Houston, you have to reach out to voters in all neighborhoods of this great big diverse city. 

It also helps if you can speak a foreign language, or at least have a bunch of  cool – looking political signs that suggest you do!

On Wednesday I stopped by Mayoral candidate Peter Brown’s campaign office for an interview.  Afterwards, Brown proudly showed me some of  his new campaign signs and bumper stickers printed in Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and English.

peter brown signs

The signs are designed to help Brown broaden his base by reaching out to potential voters in Houston’s rapidly growing cultural melting pot.

Will the signs help Brown in his quest to become the next mayor, or will some people think they are signs of  political pandering?

Who really knows, but remember not every voter speaks English.

Also,  don’t forget the city prints election ballots  in both Spanish  and Vietnamese.  

Brown is the only mayoral candidate with an aggressive campaign of radio and TV commercials, it can’t hurt for him to now start speaking a  new (sign) language on the campaign trail.

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