ACORN Won’t Endorse In 2009 Houston Elections

The organization has been under fire for weeks, ever since a conservative undercover filmmaker caught some ACORN employees in Chicago and other cities lying and telling “clients” how to skirt the rules.

Now Houston’s ACORN office has decided the national controversy is too hot for local politics.

Below if the group’s full statement:

ACORN PAC Will Not Endorse Candidates In Houston City Election


(Houston, TX) The Texas ACORN Political Action Committee has announced that it will not endorse candidates in the November 3, 2009 Houston City Election. “Given the controversy surrounding the national organization and specifically offices on the East Coast, our Houston members have decided to steer clear of politics for the upcoming local elections,” said Joe Lewis, Texas ACORN PAC Treasurer. “Some people are trying to use ACORN as a political football, but the work we do on behalf of everyday Houstonians who are trying to stay out of foreclosure, keep the lights on, and get health insurance is too important to let that happen. ACORN’s PAC will not endorse any candidates or ballot issues in the upcoming November 3rd election.”


Honestly, I’m not sure if any of the candidates were seeking the ACORN endorsement this year, but it’s a shame that the local office has been targeted because of the problems created by some rogue employees and a questionable filmmaker.

Over the years I’ve seen ACORN in Houston work with clients who needed help saving their homes from foreclosure, provide assistance with tax returns and register people to vote.

I haven’t seen any proof  that ACORN’s local office has engaged in any illegal or questionable activities.

The Harris County Republican Party recently called on  Mayor Bill White to cutoff   city funding for ACORN.

No decision has been made on that, but in the meantime this group will likely continue to suffer and local elected officials and candidates will keep their distance.

4 Responses

  1. I’m sorry but we have a welfare program and foodstamps that people would have to qualify for and I trust the social workers more than I do acorn. Acorn should be pushing for illegals to be deported and welfare receipients take the jobs the illegals were doing. We have to work for what we have and I’m tired of our taxes going to take care of these lazy sorry people being taken care of with my tax dollars. Acorn wake up, we the tax paying americans are fed up! Most of the people that are getting help are either on drugs or have an alcohol problem. We have laon officers at banks to help with mortgages acorn should not be doing that job. Banks do not want to become real estate agents they will work with people and acorn nor anyone else should be pushing banks for these mortgages. Let the banks be responsible for approving a loan or adjustment thats needed.

  2. Guess my reply isn’t acceptable but thats ok

  3. Sharon,
    thanks for your comment. I approve all responses unless they threaten violence, or violate a few other guidelines.
    Under KPRC’s rules, responses have to be approved. Since I am a working reporter, it often takes me a few minutes before I can view the comment.
    Thanks for reading 2 on the Beat, and I appreciate your point of view.

  4. mbenton, thanks for explaining sorry for my impatience

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