Ladies For Locke And TV Campaign ADs

The political world is buzzing this morning with news that Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke is about to launch  his campaign’s  first  TV political ads on Monday, October 5.  Locke who attended a Ladies For Locke fundraiser at the home of  Elyse and former Mayor Bob Lanier Wednesday night did not confirm his plans, but several other sources have confirmed the news to 2 on the Beat.

locke fundraiser 002

That date is exactly  two weeks before the start of early voting on October 19,  but weeks after his opponents Council member Peter Brown and Controller Annise Parker went up on the airwaves with their paid political messages. 

In the TV ad, Locke, who has never been a candidate for office, will introduce himself to voters and talk about his vision for the city of Houston.

Did Locke and his top campaign team make a risky decision to wait until Monday?

Remember that back in 2002 when Bill White was running for mayor, he started his TV strategy almost EIGHT months before the election. Like Locke, White was not a household name, although White had been active in the statewide Democratic party leadership.

However, former Mayor Bob Lanier waited until a few weeks before election day to launch his campaign’s first TV ads.


The difference between Locke and Mayors White and Lanier is that both men had a substantial amount of personal wealth they could invest in their campaigns. 

The  econonomic climate in Houston is different now, and all of the candidates currently running for mayor are  facing difficult fundraising challenges .

Locke is not a household name, but he’s been a behind the scenes figure working to create much of  Houston’s current infrastructure: light rail, sports stadiums and economic development.

 Locke’s campaign manager Christian Archer, who would not confirm the TV ad, told 2 on The Beat that waiting wasn’t a risky decision, but rather part of a disciplined strategy.

Once Locke begins his TV political ads,  his campaign expects to maintain a presence through election day, a time when voters are paying the most attention.

While Locke wants to win outright on election day, in reality he only needs to finish in  first or  second place.

There will be a runoff election to decide who is going to be Houston’s next mayor.


2 Responses

  1. The Gene Locke team is on target, Gene Locke is running a smooth, clean, and good campaign.

    I beleive Gene Locke will run the wonderful city of Houston in the same manner.

    Dee Carolina

  2. […] two, according to a blurb I heard on KHOU last night and confirmed by KPRC’s Mary Benton, we’ll finally get to see an ad from Gene Locke next week. In the TV ad, Locke, who has […]

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