Gene Locke Releases First TV Political Ad

People have been asking when Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke would release his first TV political ad.

Here is a look a the brand  new commercial.

You will see it for the first time on a TV set near you beginning Monday, October 5.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is it effective or not?

2 on the Beat thinks  that Locke looks energetic in the video, and it also has a positve message.  The voters have already seen TV political ads from the Annise Parker and Peter Brown campaigns. 

While Locke has a long history working in Houston’s business and civic community, he is a first time candidate, and this commercial is a good way to introduce himself  to the larger Houston audience.

On the other hand, the spot is short and it leaves me wanting to know more about  Locke. (and as a reporter, I have the unique opportunity of knowing more and seeing all of  the candidates close up) but the first commercial, while good, also feels a little like a  tease!

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