Help For The Heights Arson Investigation

On Monday, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee announced the creation of  a new task force that will help investigators in their search for evidence in the Height’s arson cases.

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Someone has torched at least thirteen structures near 11th Street and Ashland in the Heights.

While most of the structures were vacant, at least two were occupied and residents are growing more concerned about protecting their property and their families.

Jackson-Lee says the newly created group will be known as Fire Crime Task Force of  The Greater Houston Heights.  In addition, a new hotline is accepting leads and information about the suspect.  The phone number to call is 713-865-9000.

around news town 001

“We’re not going to sleep until the perpetrator is brought to justice,” said the Congresswoman during a news conference that included city councilman Ed Gonzalez, Houston Fire Chief Phil Boriskie, The local head of the ATF, and Mark Williamson with the Houston Heights Association. 

The group plans to partner with Houston area Crimestoppers, and go door to door passing out safety information to residents in the neighborhood.

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