Pam Holm Releases First TV Ad In Race For Controller

City of  Houston Controller candidate Pam Holm today released her first TV commercial.

I don’t  know how much of an ad buy her team has made, but the message is very strong and the spot is nicely produced.

Currently the AD is posted on her campaign website, you tube and facebook.

According to a news release sent to 2 On The Beat, Holm is trying to paint herself as the “candidate who has the best proven experience to be the kind of watchdog the city of  Houston needs in its next Controller.”

Holm is running for the position against her fellow city council members, Ronald Green and M.J. Khan.

The latest campaign contribution report shows that Holm has raised an impressive amount of  money, but as a district council member , she has never been elected citywide. 

That could be a tough hill for her to climb on election day.

Green has won three citywide elections and possibly has better name ID with the voters.

Khan is also a district council member, but he has more personal money to spend in the race.

I will check with Green and Khan to find out if they also plan to release TV political commercials before the start of early voting on Monday, October 19th.

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