City Controller’s Race Heating Up

The city of Houston Controller is the chief financial officer. Some also describe that role as  “the taxpayer’s watchdog.”

It’s a race that hasn’t generated a lot of excitement, but it is an important position that has three experienced leaders vying for your vote on election day.

All of the candidates currently serve on Houston city council, and their campaigns are starting to heat up.

On Tuesday, candidate Pam Holm released her first TV political commercial . On Wednesday night,  candidate Ronald Green attended a fundraiser to help his campaign reach more voters.

city 002city 015

Green was the star attraction at the fundraising event dubbed 100 Women for Green.  The successful and fashionable women in attendance vowed to open their checkbooks and roll up their sleeves to help Green get elected controller. 

Controller candidates Green, Holm and M.J. Khan recently faced off  in a political forum hosted by KPRC Local 2 and The League of  Women Voters.  Investigative Reporter Amy Davis served as  moderator of the discussion.  You can watch the debate on line @

forum 009

Meanwhile, Green’s campaign manager told me that they will not invest in any TV political commercials leading up to election day.   Keir Murray says that Green has high name identification with voters after running three successful races for the city council at-large seat he currently holds.  Murray says Green will focus on face to face voter contact, through  door to door campaigning and direct mail.

You can expect to see a TV political commercial from M.J. Khan.  Khan’s campaign manager told me that the controller candidate will launch a TV commercial in the next few days.  Andre Castro says that Khan has already taped the commercial , and it is currently being edited in post production.


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