Will Appointment Help Governor Perry Keep His Job?

Governor Rick Perry is touting the appointment of  Judge Eva Guzman of  Houston to the state’s highest court.

eva guzman

She is the first Hispanic woman and second Hispanic to join the Texas Supreme Court, which also includes Justice David  Medina.

The Governor’s office issued a press release highlighting what other republicans around the state are saying about  the historic appointment. 


Will  the rave reviews about this appointment  be at the top of  every speech given by Governor Perry,  as  he travels around the state campaigning to keep his job?

Voters, especially those in the predominately Hispanic area of  South Texas, will likely consider this  a  positive step  when deciding whether to vote for Perry or  U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in the March 2010 primary.

 Justice Guzman is well liked and highly respected.  I haven’t heard anyone question her qualifications.

She is considered a  “Wise  Latina woman” who not only appeals to conservative republicans, but  who is admired by many Texans from all walks   of  life. 

Will this appointment help  Governor Perry keep his job?

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